Pointe West BeachClub

2015 Pointe West Resort wrist band fees for beach club and sunset pools:

• During peak season, March 1, 2015 through September 8, 2015; Beach Club bands will be $10.00 per person for all guests, 3 years or older.
 Other details included but are not limited to:
A. If wristband is lost, $25.00 replacement fee per band.
B. If bands are returned, $1.00 refund per band.
C. The number of bands issued will be based on occupants listed on the signed rental agreement. All lease holders must be present to receive wristbands.
D. Guests of renters may request a day pass for $25.00 per day. Day passes will only be available if pool occupancy can accommodate on requested day and will be managed with paper, single day dated wrist bands.

This is an optional fee, if you choose not to use the beach club facilities, no fee is charged.  This fee will be charged upon registration at the beach club office!